New paper in Science Advances

We published a nice paper in the journal Science Advances, where we used 2D-IR spectroscopy to elucidate the molecular structure of zinc carboxylates in oil paint films that contain the pigment zinc white. This research has solved the long-standing question about the origins of the broad carboxylate band in IR spectra of zinc white paint films. With this work, we are learning a lot about the inherent reactivity of zinc white paint layers, and the potential effects of water exposure/humidity on oil paint chemistry.

Lecture at Diligentia

Photo by A. Kalff

On October 8th, I gave a lecture at the Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Natuurkunde o.d.z. Diligentia (Royal Society for Natural Science) in The Hague. Having attended many Diligentia science lectures as a high school student, I felt honoured to be invited to bring my own research on stage eleven years after graduation. It was a privilege to share some of the progress we have made in the study of oil paint chemistry with such an enthusiastic audience. The lecture (Dutch) is available online on YouTube .

More information: (Dutch)

New paper in Macromolecules

We recently published a paper in Macromolecules that discusses methods to quantify the swelling and diffusion processes that occur when oil paint films are exposed to solvents. Using time-dependent ATR-FTIR spectroscopic data, we developed a mathematical model that describes the spread of solvent through a paint film. While it proved difficult to predict diffusion rates based on solvent properties, strong swelling and fast diffusion seem to go hand in hand.

NWO Veni grant awarded!

In July 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research awarded a Veni grant for my research proposal A fundamental molecular understanding of oil paint degradation. With this grant, I will be able to carry out 3 years of post-doctoral research at the University of Amsterdam, studying the influence of water on ageing processes in oil paint with advanced (IR) spectroscopic techniques.

For more information: website NWO, website UvA